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dicoret-coretkan kecikyaya
Kau dgr pape hal,pape citew dpd sebelah phk jew pas2 dah nk judge someone 2 macam prangai dy mengalahkan syaiton.Dats not fair ok!!!!!!!! Everyone have a right too talk,too show off the truth.Everyone make a mistake right but it doesn’t mean everything we do are wrong.Nilah manusia,bila dah tertipu dpd kecantikan luaran,mule lah nak agung2kan die.An attractive person need not necessarily be good in character.Never judge anyone by appearance alone.Good looks are not as important as a good character.Ape kau ingat bila die cakap lemah lembut,prangai sopan santun dpn kau,blkg kau die baek kew macam pijak semut pun tak mati??? Ehehhhhh memang macam haram larrrr…Can u realise that beauty is but skin deep.Kalau misalnyerrr kitowang cakap kitowang tak buat pun bnda tuh,it means no.NO MEANS NO!!!!!!!! But why everyone still jgk nk tuduh2 kitowang yg buat sedangkan kitowang tak buat and kitowang tak taw pun sal bnda tuh.We know the journey to make us grow up is not an easy one.We are aware and know dat we must be brave to free ourselves.But we have to go through our life one step at a time.

Tetibe plak ase nk jd mcm naruto (errr ade ketan ngn entry kew???)

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Thanx for Reading,AKU SAYANG KAMU

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